Thank you for your interest in my ministry.  I want to serve you and your church to advance the cause of Christ and to equip Christians for life and ministry.

During my 40 years in ministry, I have been responsible for planning hundreds of events. I have frequently served as the keynote speaker at several Bible conferences, couples retreats, and family camps.  My messages are rooted in Scripture and geared toward the practical application of biblical truth. 
In keeping with my 30 years of training preachers and teachers in Bible colleges and seminaries, I have a passion to see men and women in local churches become excellent lay teachers.  I have a seminar available to local churches to train lay-teachers to enhance their teaching skills.  In addition I have prepared a seminar geared to equipping marriage mentors in local churches.  I want to be specifically involved in training men to be godly husbands and fathers.
I count it a great privilege to be able to assist your local church to enhance its ministry in every way possible. 

Contact me at Harry {at} caringforsouls {dot com} for further information and scheduling.

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