How God’s Presence Protects You!

Read: Psalm 139:7-10 & Hebrews 4:13

Americans place a high premium on our “right to privacy.” Law enforcement agencies cannot place surveillance cameras in your home because you have the “right to privacy.” The Supreme Court has often ruled against the life of the unborn on the basis of a woman’s “right to privacy.” And a person can use the Internet to watch whatever one wants in the privacy of one’s own home, based on our “right to privacy.”

It seems that “privacy” allows us to get away with whatever we want to do, as long as we are not harming anyone else in the process. However, those who wave the “privacy flag” most likely have not read our two Biblical texts for the week.

  • Psalm 139:7-10 affirms that God is everywhere, and sees absolutely everything we do. 
  • Hebrews 4:13 adds to the concept of God’s presence with the additional idea that we must also give an account for the things we do, whether what we do is public or in private.  

Theologians sometimes use a term to describe what the Biblical writers are talking about in these two texts. The term is “omnipresence.” It means that the Triune God is fully present everywhere. When the Biblical writers describe God as omnipresent, they are revealing a truth about God that is designed to positively impact our behavior.

Knowledge of God's constant presence is a safeguard for your spiritual health!

How is it a safeguard? Consider the following two applications from our texts.

The constant presence of God in our lives can keep us from doing evil.

I want to emphasize the word “can.” It’s possible for us to dismiss the omnipresence of God, but that would be foolish to do so. However, if we take the truth of Psalm 139 and Hebrews 4:13 to heart, this truth can actually be a safeguard for us.

Notice in Psalm 139:7-9 how the psalmist realizes that he cannot escape the reality of God’s presence. If he were to travel vertically (PSS 139:8), God would be there. If he were to move horizontally to the most distant point in the east or the west, God would be there (PSS 139:9). Knowing that he could not escape the presence of God was a check on the psalmist’s behavior. How in the world could he do evil when God saw everything?

The constant presence of God in our lives can give us peace in a world surrounded by evil.

In such circumstances we often ask, “What should I do?  Who will protect me?” Psalm 139:10 answers both questions. God will “lead” us in times of danger, especially when we call upon Him (139:10a). Not only that, God will “hold on” to us in the midst of the evil that surrounds us. It is not a guarantee that there will be no harm done to us at all. But it does mean that God will be present to watch over the well being of His people.

To keep the omnipresence of God before you, I want to encourage you to memorize Hebrews 4:13 this week. 

  • Recite the verse when you awaken every day. 
  • Recite it when you get in your car to carry out daily tasks.
  • Recite it at the end of every day.

Memorize the truth of God’s omnipresence so you can remember that God's constant presence is a safeguard for your spiritual health.

Review the ways you see God’s presence and protection in your life every day. Share these experiences with your spouse and children. Remind yourself again that God has never been far from you. Your experiences will be an encouragement to those who listen.

Knowing theology is a good thing. In fact, what you believe about God should ultimately impact your behavior. So live in the constant presence of God, both to know and do His will. 

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