BE ON GUARD! (Part 2)

Text: Psalm 1:1-2

A good soldier knows that there is no rest and no permanent safety in a military “hot spot.” There is always a need to guard the fortress, guard the headquarters, and guard the most vulnerable people in the war zone. Therefore, steps must be taken to make sure security is at its very best. And the same is true when it comes to guarding our hearts.

In our last post I suggested that the most important tool for protecting the very core of our existence is Scripture. God’s Word enables us to readjust our faulty thinking and then embrace what God says is true. Since we are constantly being bombarded by deceptive thoughts, we must be on guard to protect our hearts! And in addition to filling our minds with God’s Word, there is a second step we can take. In accordance with Psalm 1:2 we must “meditate on (the Lord’s instruction) day and night.”

The key word in the verse is “meditate.” It means to “ponder something over an extended period of time.” One Hebrew lexicon even defines “meditation” as “talking to oneself extensively.” That is why the psalmist says that we are to engage in this process “day and night.” That means that in guarding our hearts we are also guarding our schedules, making sure that we have uninterrupted time to think about what God has revealed to us in His Word, and how that revelation impacts all that we do.

However, that leads to the question, “What are we actually focusing upon when we engage in biblical meditation?” Yes, it includes taking into our minds the literal words that we encounter in the Bible (cf. PS 1:2 & 119:15). But that’s not the end of the matter when it comes to biblical meditation.

  • We are exhorted to take the time to think about the majestic works of God, especially His work of creation (PS 143:5).
  • We are to think about how God Almighty has rescued His people from precarious situations (ISA 33:16).
  • And then from a New Testament perspective, Christians are encouraged to meditate on the fact that they are dead to the power of sin and alive to serve Jesus Christ in all that they do (ROM 6:11).
  • [The list of things to meditate upon is endless!]

Do you realize that you are in a war zone, a never-ending battle this side of heaven, that makes you vulnerable to hopelessness and despair? You are! But God has not left you alone and without spiritual protection. He has given you the wonderful tool of biblical meditation to protect your heart and mind from spiritual attack. But you must do your part. Therefore, set aside time in your busy schedule to read and meditate on scripture. It won’t be enough to read a short devotional and then head into your day. You will need time to ask questions of the text and seek answers to those questions. And then you will need to take time to pray, asking God to give you both insight and strength to obey all that He is asking you to do.

So above all the other things you have to do in life, make sure that you guard your heart!

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