My guess is that many of you who read this blog know a great deal about Jesus. If you took the time to think about it, you might remind yourself that…
  • Jesus is the Creator. 
  • Jesus is loving and compassionate. 
  • Jesus is powerful. 
  • Jesus is eternal. 
  • Jesus is the Son of God, the Savior of sinners who deserve judgment. 

The list of attributes could go on and on. We know a lot about Jesus, but how should anything we know about Him inform our minds, shape our souls, and transform the way we live? Before you answer, think about your knowledge of Jesus and then read John 2. 

What I find interesting in reading the chapter is that Jesus seems kind and accommodating in verses 1-12, but He seems harsh and vindictive in verses 13-25. At first glance the two sections seem to have no connection with one another. And yet the events were arranged purposefully to tell us how our knowledge about Jesus should influence our behavior.

In the first section we are told that Jesus, His mother, and His disciples were invited to a wedding. Very early in the narrative we are also informed that the wine for the wedding celebration had run out, creating an embarrassing situation for the host family. A request was presented to Jesus to do something—anything to “save the day.” He did. He turned water into wine! John says that this was the “first sign” or “the beginning of the signs” (JN 2:11). 

So why do we need to know if this was the first, the second…or the fiftieth miracle Jesus performed? When you read the first twelve verses again you will want to notice that Mary came to inform Him that the wine had run out. Jesus responds, “What has this concern of yours to do with me, woman?” (JN 2:4). The response seems disrespectful and rude! But it wasn’t. It was actually the other way around. Have you ever thought about what Mary knew about Jesus? She probably knew more than most people. The gospel accounts tell us that she was told that her first born son would be miraculously conceived, the Son of the Most High, and the heir to David’s throne (LK1:30-35). Or to put it another way, she would give birth to God incarnate. Mary remembered these things and decided to use her knowledge to “get Jesus to act.” It was almost as if she was saying, “Ok, son, show them your stuff!” So Jesus was not disrespecting His mother, but simply putting things in perspective. You see, Jesus wasn’t there to provide emergency relief. He was there to reveal His glory—meaning the revelation of His deity (JN 2:11). He wasn’t subject for Mary’s agenda but to do the Father’s will.

You will also want to notice that this “first sign” was immediately followed by the account of temple cleansing. It seems rather strange to follow a wedding celebration with what looks like a military commando operation. Jesus turned everything in the temple area upside-down. Why? It seems rude and pretentious—unless the person leading the cleansing operation is…GOD! And He IS! The miracle of verses 1-11 reveals who He is, and the actions of verses 12-25 reveal what He has a right to do. And when you put these two sections together, you begin to see that knowledge about the Son reveals the supremacy of the Son. And the supremacy of the Son calls for an appropriate response. You see, IF JESUS IS THE INCARNATE GOD, YOU WILL WANT TO STOP DEMANDING OF HIM AND START OBEYING HIM. You will want to stop expecting Him to serve you and consider serving Him.

So what do you know about Jesus? Maybe you believe without any doubts that He can do absolutely anything. Yes, you believe that He really can turn water into wine, still raging waters, and heal those who are blind and lame. But does such knowledge give us the right to assume…to expect…or demand? No, it’s just the other way around. Surely we can come with our needs and concerns, but there is a better way to think and live. Jesus wants us to come as worshipers. He wants us to approach Him in awe of His majesty and power. And at the same time, He wants us to exchange our agenda for His. 

So what do you want from Jesus today? Do you want Him to get you out of a jam? Do you want Him to make you look good in the presence of your friends? Do you want Him to use His power to make your life more comfortable? He has the power to do anything—and I mean ANYTHING! But He is God, and that knowledge calls us to set aside our wants, so that we will do His will.

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